Storegate Solo

A complete cloud service where your files are made available on all your computers, in your mobile phone and on your reading plate.
You can easily share and receive files from others with a smart sharing service.

Business also includes Storegate Sync that allows you to work with your files just as usual via the explorer.

Support for: Windows 8, 7, Vista and Mac OS X 10.8.5+, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

From 100 GB and 1 user.

Storage and sharing of files online places great demands on technology and security. That it seems to work does not mean it is reliable or secured. Therefore, in order to evaluate such products, in addition to user-friendliness, it is also necessary to look closely at the underlying technology. We distinguish between backup and data storage, as the main purpose of backup is only to recover lost files while data storage refers to an available work area. This area is often shared between several computers, and it is not uncommon that it is between several different individuals. Often these storage solutions are referred to as "storing in the Cloud". When you save locally, you are responsible for backing up the files so that they can be restored if something happens, but you save in the Cloud,  it's somebody else that is responsible. It is therefore of the utmost importance to assure you that the technical solution for backup at the Cloud supplier has a solution that met your requirements. Since it is theoretically impossible to get something 100% safe, there is always a balance. You must also ensure access security so that no unauthorized person can hack, retrieve or modify the files. Additionally, it is important that the storage complies with Swedish laws (PUL). Since the files you work against are not located locally, it is crucial that you have a good connection and that the storage provider has a technique that addresses problems. It would be unfortunate that you worked for several hours and an interruption of one ½ second will make you lose it. The services offered and recommended through QBRITS have undergone careful analyzes and tests to ensure acceptable operating quality, and that all information is handled within Sweden's borders.