About us

QBRITS Philosophy

The technical developments in IT and the Internet, and its integration with society, create a huge demands for company’s visibility on the web. There are several studies on this; but usually you do not need to go beyond yourselves and consider why you choose a particular company? How do you find them? How do you communicate with them? The answer will usually be with IT.

We at QBRITS are therefore convinced that IT is a tool for your company, not a business of its own. If you are not an IT company; you should not need to have have a strong interest and expertise in the area, it should just work. And if it works for you and your customers, then you should not have to make constant updates and changes. It should be your business that is directional for you, not your IT.

Unfortunately, it often requires high IT knowledge to make long-term right choice for domain / website / email. And then we have not mentioned areas like virus protection, hacking, backups and Swedish legislation. IT has become an unnecessarily complicated area. Which provider would asks a carpenter for what steel alloy he needs for his hammer?

We also realize that small and medium sized companies do not have a huge budget, and therefore can not outsourcing their IT for large amounts, and also usually do not have neither the interest or time to manage IT.

With these values and understanding was Quality Branch IT Solution AB, QBRITS AB, founded with all of its services.

To cover your company’s common needs, we have developed our Basic Service, which contains the fundamental components that every business needs and is based on a stable and safe technology. In addition, we have Additional Services which are designed, evaluated and the cost negotiated to fit yours small and medium-sized companies. Our goal is to gather all IT yours companies needs from one provider, QBRITS, and therefore we constantly adapts our products to meet your current and future needs. It is yours needs that determine our portfolio.

Solid technology and the right information at the right time, will prevent occurrence of errors. Since time is a cost for both you and us, will fewer problems be an advantage for us both. You will get lower expenses, and we kan keep our low prices.

Magnus Emilsson / CEO