Additional services

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Storegate Team Synk

With Storegate Team Sync, a group of users can work together and easily sync files.

Each user will get a My Files directory and a Common Files directory in the Explorer or Finder. All files placed in the folders are automatically synced to the other users in the team. You can also create public links to share and collect files from anyone at any time.

All files that are stored will be available via Storegate’s Mobile and Reader apps.

Support for:
Windows 8, 7, Vista and Mac OS X 10.8.5+, iOS, Android and Windows Phone,
Storage Team synk start from 1 TB and 3 users.

Storegate Backup Multi

With Backup Multi, the company’s entire employees can automatically back up laptops and computers. All users get their own unique login.

The service is managed through an interface and you as an administrator can keep track of how much data each user stores, see the latest backup runs, the ability to open and close users, etc.

In addition to backing up your computer, you can also back up the tablet PC / mobile photos by using Storegate’s mobile apps. Additionally, you will access all backed up files via the apps.

Support for:
Windows 8, 7, Vista and Mac OS X 10.8.5+, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The standard package has a backup volume of 500 GB and 2 users. This service will replaces the  backup that is included in QBRITS Base Service.

Storegate Solo

A complete cloud service where your files are made available on all your computers, in your mobile phone and on your reading plate.
You can easily share and receive files from others with a smart sharing service.

Business also includes Storegate Sync that allows you to work with your files just as usual via the explorer.

Support for: Windows 8, 7, Vista and Mac OS X 10.8.5+, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

From 100 GB and 1 user.

Increase of Backup Quota

Your Base Service includes backup for one user and three computers. The total volume in your backup (quota) can be up to 50 GB. What you use is clearly visible in your backup reports and also in the web interface.

Should you wish to increase the volume from originally 50 GB, you can easily do it yourself in Storegate web interface and choose from 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 GB.

The approximate monthly cost is stated in where you choose volume on the storage space and then it’s the cost of the new minus the base for 50GB. Exact price is given upon request.

Since 50GB is more than usual for most, we would like to look at the cause of your volume needs, partly to exclude problems, but also review your backup needs to see if we have other solutions that better fit your environment.




Domain Name

QBRITS is not a registrar, but  however we are working closely with the registrar Miss Hosting. For make it easier for our customers, we have this additional service that give the possibility to  your domain name invoiced via QBRITS,  provided it is registered with Miss Hosting.
We do not put on any fees for this service, and your price for the domain will be the listed price at Miss Hosting. What you as a customer win is that you do not have invoices from Miss Hosting and get your IT costs collected on the same invoice.


With Speedledger is connected with your internet bank and can therefore do a lot of your accounting automatically. When you enter a bill in the internet bank for payment, it will automatically be recorded in you account system as an account payable and when the payment is made it will also be reccorder in the books. Similarly, if you send out invoices so will the beeokeeping be down in the background. Speedledger naturally support both the bill and the cash method (kontant- och fakturametoden).

Spedledger can be considered expensive if revenue is low, however Speedledger requires virtually no knowledge of debits and credits, and almost everything is done automatically. It can simplify your bookkeeping significantly. The normal accounting functions Invoicing, ROT / RUT, Earnings / VAT report is available as suplement.

Spedledger support the follwoing Banks:
Danish Bank
Sparbanken Syd
Landshypotek Bank
Swedbank and the savings banks

Speedledger ordered directly from their website, QBRITS customers currently have no extra discount.

HOGIA Smart bokföring

If you are familiar with accounting and know the difference between Kredit and Debit than is Hogia smart Bokföring a cost effectiv tool for your company.

more description will be written later.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

If your security threat is such that there is not enough using free versions of anti-virus protection and that you have multiple computers in your network, then Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security is a very suitable choice.

Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security handles all security through the web interface Gravity Zone.

On the computers it will only be installed a very small client that is not locally configurable, all these things be done via the web interface. If you have own servers in your network, you can also install the Web Interface and virus database function in your network, which is ideal for larger companies with their own IT department.

But even the small company that shares its network (LAN) with the family, this solution is suitable when you get full control of all the computers’ security settings in your network. You can also use the website to create your own security policies where you are for certain groups, for example, set up the web browsing may not be allowed between 23: 00-08: 00, or turn off the USB and floppy drive.You can almost configure everything that has to do with security through the web interface.

Bitdefender works very well in mixed environments with both Windows, Mac and Linux.

You also have the opportunity to try Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security for free in 30 days before you decide to purchase this license. The license includes installation on three computers and one server. In our help pages you will find a detailed description for the Installation of Bitdefender Gravity Zone.