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QBRITS Web Exemple

To make a website is not a simple task. QBRITS Web example is designed to dit small an medium sized companies and got the basic functionality that a company needs.
Look around in our examples and choice one that is suitable for you. You can find them on our Web examples page with explanation on the contents. If you as QBRITS customer have problem with the installation, please let us know.


With Speedledger is connected with your internet bank and can therefore do a lot of your accounting automatically. When you enter a bill in the internet bank for payment, it will automatically be recorded in you account system as an account payable and when the payment is made it will also be reccorder in the books. Similarly, if you send out invoices so will the beeokeeping be down in the background. Speedledger naturally support both the bill and the cash method (kontant- och fakturametoden).

Spedledger can be considered expensive if revenue is low, however Speedledger requires virtually no knowledge of debits and credits, and almost everything is done automatically. It can simplify your bookkeeping significantly. The normal accounting functions Invoicing, ROT / RUT, Earnings / VAT report is available as suplement.

Spedledger support the follwoing Banks:
Danish Bank
Sparbanken Syd
Landshypotek Bank
Swedbank and the savings banks

Speedledger ordered directly from their website, QBRITS customers currently have no extra discount.

Open Office

When talking about Word many people think of Word in Microsoft Office® and its license cost. However Open Office ( is a completely free, and includes all the features that is expected for word processing / table managing in a normal office. OpenOffice also contains features to make presentations (slide shows).

Unlike many other similar software OpenOffice uses the ISO standardized file format Open Document Format (ODF), which means that you are not forced always using a secret file formats, software licensing and costly upgrades. OpenOffice can also read and write in many old file formats, including DOC and XLS.

OpenOffice is available in Swedish, and many other languages.

It is important to remember that when you send electronic documents that you do it in a format the recipient can read. We recommend that you at such times using the PDF format, which also supported by OpenOffice.

You can download and install Open Office from (be sure to choose the right operating system and language).

Open Office is available for both Windows, Linux and OS X (Macintosh), and is completely free to use.

Bitdefender Free edition

It is recommended to have virus protection on all computers in use; but there is a huge amount of applications and it can be difficult to choice.

You are basically the only person that is using the computer, and primly for work. You rarely or never download software. You are also paying attention when you’re surfing on the Internet and avoiding installing plugins where they are not needed (when the browser says it wants to install anything).

If that is the case then we at QBRITS recommend you to use Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, it is a freeware (no cost).

However should you find your threads be high than QBRITS recommend that you order our additional service Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for your business, or at least the additional service  Bitdefender Home Edition.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition are available for Windows, MAC and Linux. Installation instruction can be found i  QBRITS Help center and showing installation in Windows but the dialogs and the process is similar fall all operation systems 




We at QBRITS has always yours small and middle sized companies in focus when we looking into IT, in those recommendations we have gather some  goodies. Here you found by us evaluated vendors and software, some also with negotiated discounts. How to get the discount is in the description of each product/service. Here you can also find freeware, because everything do not need to cost.  As a supplement to the those recommendation we also got our Additional services.

We are very thorough in our evaluations and always looking for your best, the evaluation criteria that we are using can be read for each category.

Accounting systems
Computerized systems to manage companies accounting.Computerized systems simplifies your VAT management, balancing books and contacts with accountants..
  • Speedledger

    Speedledger is connected with your internet bank and by doing so it will simplify many of your accounting steps.

Systems for Administations
Olika tjänster och produkter för att underlätta ers företags administation.
  • QBRITS Web Exemple

    To make a website is not a simple task. QBRITS Web example is designed to dit small an medium sized companies and got the basic functionality that a company needs.

  • Open Office

    Office software for writing / managing documents, charts and presentations. Can also handle the format as doc and xls. OpenOffice is completely fre

Virus Protection
Will give you increased protection against computer virus and other nasty stuff that is out on the net.
  • Bitdefender Free edition

    Suitable virus protection softaware if you have a low threat and full control of all that is using your computers.