All our services are evaluated/tested and optimized for small and medium-sized companies needs. The services are divided into two separate offerings; Basic service and additional services.

QBRITS Service ModelThe basic service includes components to cover the three fundamental needs that is common for every business , and its providing you with a stable IT foundation.

  1. Visibility
  2. Communication
  3. Security

The Base Service therefore consist among other things of Website, email and backup system for yours computers.


Additional services are IT that a business may need in addition to their basic needs. QBRITS are evaluating and testing those services and then then negotiate a good price which we can pass on to our customers.We also provide with clear information for which the services suits. Because it is yours small and medium business needs and requests that guide our range of additional services, then we are always interested in suggestions for new services and other tips.

Everything does not cost money; QBRITS goal is to find the best solutions for your business, therefore have we also put together recommendations on products and services. Some of these have you as our customers discount on, others are free. Even if you are not a customer of QBRITS it may be worth looking in the  recommendations section.