QBRITS Web Exemple

To make a website is not a simple task. QBRITS Web example is designed to dit small an medium sized companies and got the basic functionality that a company needs.
Look around in our examples and choice one that is suitable for you. You can find them on our Web examples page with explanation on the contents. If you as QBRITS customer have problem with the installation, please let us know.

Running a business requires a lot of administration, this both to meet regulatory requirements but also to make your business as efficient as possible. But since the administration of a company does not generate any revenue, it is important that it is done as quickly and smoothly as possible.The onerous administration in a company is accounting, and therefore we have to QBRITS broken out into a separate Accounting Section, we have also excluding the parts that are included in our Base Service. This leaves among other Word and text processing, table management, marketing, register for membership etc.. The most important requirements for such systems is that they are stable and do not cause problems on your computer, and they must also have a manufacturer / supplier that has a long term strategy with its product so you do not will be forced to change because it has been discontinued . Would this happened , it is also important to be able to transfer information (export) to other systems. Many products become automatically very extensive since many functions to be integrated into them and therefore it is a big advantage if they are in Swedish with understandable help texts. For systems where you will be sending information to others, such as e-mailed documents, it is also important to be able to store downloaded in a format that all recipients can read, for that QBRITS and other IT World recommend Adobe PDF -format to be used.