Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

If your security threat is such that there is not enough using free versions of anti-virus protection and that you have multiple computers in your network, then Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security is a very suitable choice.

Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security handles all security through the web interface Gravity Zone.

On the computers it will only be installed a very small client that is not locally configurable, all these things be done via the web interface. If you have own servers in your network, you can also install the Web Interface and virus database function in your network, which is ideal for larger companies with their own IT department.

But even the small company that shares its network (LAN) with the family, this solution is suitable when you get full control of all the computers’ security settings in your network. You can also use the website to create your own security policies where you are for certain groups, for example, set up the web browsing may not be allowed between 23: 00-08: 00, or turn off the USB and floppy drive.You can almost configure everything that has to do with security through the web interface.

Bitdefender works very well in mixed environments with both Windows, Mac and Linux.

You also have the opportunity to try Bitdefender Gravity Zone Business Security for free in 30 days before you decide to purchase this license. The license includes installation on three computers and one server. In our help pages you will find a detailed description for the Installation of Bitdefender Gravity Zone.

It creates constantly new virus on the network and it is therefore essential that an antivirus regularly receive updates of new virus definitions. When a virus protection acts as a filter for coming in and out of your computer, so it should be installed very close to your hardware, and for the same reason, it should also, when you start your computer, be started before the network or storage devices. It’s not very fun if you have a virus scanner that only information that has become infected instead of preventing contagion. Therefore, it is often antivirus installed as drivers and services. This places great demands on the anti-virus software when the errors and bugs in drivers can cause total breakdowns. It should also therefore never try to have two antivirus installed at the same time. QBRITS therefore recommend selecting an anti-virus protection from large established security company that has antivirus as its core business and not those who have it as a sideline. They must also have a somewhat coverage of the viruses that are already out and be quick to implement protection for new viruses found. Additional information about Computer viruses can be found under “What is a computer virus” on QBRITS help pages.