Bitdefender Free edition

It is recommended to have virus protection on all computers in use; but there is a huge amount of applications and it can be difficult to choice.

You are basically the only person that is using the computer, and primly for work. You rarely or never download software. You are also paying attention when you’re surfing on the Internet and avoiding installing plugins where they are not needed (when the browser says it wants to install anything).

If that is the case then we at QBRITS recommend you to use Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, it is a freeware (no cost).

However should you find your threads be high than QBRITS recommend that you order our additional service Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for your business, or at least the additional service  Bitdefender Home Edition.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition are available for Windows, MAC and Linux. Installation instruction can be found i  QBRITS Help center and showing installation in Windows but the dialogs and the process is similar fall all operation systems 



It creates constantly new virus on the network and it is therefore essential that an antivirus regularly receive updates of new virus definitions. When a virus protection acts as a filter for coming in and out of your computer, so it should be installed very close to your hardware, and for the same reason, it should also, when you start your computer, be started before the network or storage devices. It’s not very fun if you have a virus scanner that only information that has become infected instead of preventing contagion. Therefore, it is often antivirus installed as drivers and services. This places great demands on the anti-virus software when the errors and bugs in drivers can cause total breakdowns. It should also therefore never try to have two antivirus installed at the same time. QBRITS therefore recommend selecting an anti-virus protection from large established security company that has antivirus as its core business and not those who have it as a sideline. They must also have a somewhat coverage of the viruses that are already out and be quick to implement protection for new viruses found. Additional information about Computer viruses can be found under “What is a computer virus” on QBRITS help pages.